Minature Brass Buddha Figure - Neko-Chan Incense

Minature Brass Buddha Figure

  • $9.95

Small Buddha Figure, brass - comes with small pouch.

Brass Buddha Figure, 1.25 inches high. Buddha style varies. Great gift! Made in India. Shakyamuni, Sage of the Shakyas. Sometimes called "Lion of The Shakya Clan." The historical Buddha, born to the Gautama family and given the name Siddhartha, approximately 2500 years ago, somewhat more than 200 years before the Maurya king Asoka (273-232 before common era 'BCE'). There have been many Buddhas, but Shakyamuni is the one who has made it easiest to achieve liberation through practice of meditating on him. His pure land is open to anyone who has the devotion and desire to go there, whereas the pure lands of other Buddhas sometimes have very particular rules about who can and cannot enter. Shakyamuni promised, "Whosoever visualizes me with a combination of concentration and devotion, in front of them I will be, even if they cannot see me; and I will never forsake them."