Long-burning Charcoal - 10 33 mm pieces - Neko-Chan Incense

Long-burning Charcoal - 10 33 mm pieces

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Charcoal - Long-burning, 10 pieces, 33 mm, approximately 1.3 inches, in diameter. Each piece burns for approximately 30 minutes. For use with resins, loose or granulated incense, loose smudge. To light, hold charcoal in tongs (do not use bare fingers)over match or lighter. After charcoal is lit--turns whitish and "sizzles", place in burner. Burner should have an inch or more of sand on which to place lit charcoal. If burning for a half hour or less, this small size is more economical than the larger, as charcoal cannot be relit. For longer periods of time, use IWR-CHL, the larger tablets.