Kashmir Resin, 1 pound - Neko-Chan Incense

Kashmir Resin, 1 pound

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Kashmir Resin, 1 pound. Bargain bulk price! The region of Kashmir is an important center of both Hinduism and Buddhism. A rough etymology of the word "kashmir" yields a probable theory that the valley of Kashmir was formerly a lake that dried up. Contrary to the trouble in Kashmir these days, in medieval times, the Sufi-Islamic way of life that ordinary Muslims followed in Kashmir coexisted peacefully with the Rishi tradition of Kashmiri Hindu Pandits, making Kashmir a rich syncretic mixture of these two ancient cultures, and a rare nexus of peace between Muslim and Hindu. When you burn this resin, you become a part of this spirit of tolerance and brotherhood, and enjoy the karma of peace, praying for love in these times of war. May all beings be happy.