Carved Stone Bowl, Spiral with Om Symbol

  • $29.95

Heavy piece, well over one pound in weight.
Natural soapstone, 4 inches in diameter, 2.5 inches high. As it is a natural stone, colors vary.
Made in India. 

Soapstone comes in a wide variety of colors and striations.  A few are shown here.  If you have a definite preference, you can contact Customer Service to see what’s in stock at the moment.  Or let us select one for you.

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock consisting primarily of talc with varying amounts of other minerals such as micas, chlorite, amphiboles, pyroxenes, and carbonates, accounting for this wide variety of color and striations.

Native Americans use soapstone to make smoking pipes and pipe bowls. It is easy to carve and its high specific heat capacity enables the outside of the bowl to maintain a lower temperature than the tobacco burning  inside.