ALL FIVE Vertical Prayer Flags - Neko-Chan Incense

ALL FIVE Vertical Prayer Flags

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Vertical Prayer Flags - ALL FIVE - a $199.75 VALUE! ONLY $189.95 Set of five--one of each of the 4-print vertical prayer flags, Dar Cho: 1) Health and Longevity, "Tsa La Nam Sum", blue with red border 2) Purification of Karma, "Praises to Vajrasattva", white with blue border 3) Wish Fulfillment, "Sampa Lhundrup", red with yellow border 4) Compassion, "Praise to the 21 Taras", green with yellow border, and 5) Victory and Good Fortune, "Gyaltsan Semo", yellow with green border Each flag measures 20 inches by six feet, and has cloth ties for securing to poles. Made in Nepal using traditional methods of wood block printing on good quality cotton fabric.