Morning Star Incense Set

  • $36.95
  • Save $4.43

Morning Star Incense Set.  6--NOW 7--varieties of Morning Star Incense, 50 stick boxes: Amber, Pine, Lavender, Lotus, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood, and now Patchouli, with a Namako Tenmoku Sakeor Incense Cup - 1.5 inches high x 2.25 inches in diameter. made by Japanese ceramic artists, using techniques handed down through the centuries, create these unusual and uniquely Japanese pieces. A multi-process glazing gives these pieces a beautiful translucent finish.

A seventh Morning Star 50 stick box--Patchouli--has been added to the set, at the same price as the original set of 6!

Incense and sake cup made in Japan.   (Sand not included. We suggest aquarium sand, sold in aquarium supply stores.  Rice or salt may also be used.)