Kai Un Koh Japanese Incense - Neko-Chan Incense

Kai Un Koh Japanese Incense

  • $20.50

Kai Un Koh - Good fortune incense
- Baieido Japanese Incense
- short bundle, boxed. 35 grams,
sticks approximately 5.5 inches in length.

This a lively traditional incense with
strong elements of Vietnamese aloeswood,
borneol camphor, cassia, clove, and sandalwood.
The sticks are a unique thick square design.
A great combination of woods and spices!

Kai un koh means: "Good Fortune Incense".
Kai Un Koh is an old traditional formula.
It is very spicy, and rich in Vietnamese aloeswood,
and quality sandalwood.

Why is sandalwood an ingredient in so many different
kinds of incense? Chandan, also known as Sandalwood,
is considered to be associated with the qualities of
Amitabha Buddha, which are compassion, devotion, and love.
Chandan's scent is believed to clear stress from
the nervous system and center the mind.